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Jeof Ogire🥇


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Publishing a story every day is ideal.

#This is my story.

Everything seemed to be difficult for me in the beginning so, I asked myself this particular question and sat back to rethink it. “Will I manage to write every day?” No. Wait, it’s not about writing every day. It’s publishing every day. I have already got you asking “why “publish every day”? That drives another query by which you’re most likely to ask, — “how is this possible?” Short-form stories can have you covered some days yet you can still make Medium’s algorithm happy. That’s how possible it is. I’ve noticed that this idea of publishing stories every day is where all success begins. This having been the second month of serious publishing for me, I think things are beginning to turn out. My patience has started to be fulfilled. It pains but pays. I have only missed out on two-three days of publishing stories here but that’s not bad so far.

I got a first-time curation.

I think one of my stories was curated a few days ago. A very nice article I think it captures everyone’s attention. “How I make an average of $300 every month from Google Maps.” I’m watching it closely. I think publishing every day not just regularly is why this has happened.

But something strange is happening to my stories.

While such is happening, I am also set on making some research on why I’m unable to see my recently published work. The stories are hidden.

I can’t find them in my profile or list of published stories. And I also asked myself if this is due to the curation activity.

Have your stories been curated? Is this how Medium does it when it comes to distributing stories?

I know that you can see my recent stories as for me, I can only see them if I decide to go through Medium’s editor.

What do you think is the reason for this?

Your thoughts, please!



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