Why You Should Dig Up Your Older Stories

Keep your content up to date and never to bury it down.

Jeof Ogire🥇
3 min readNov 18, 2021


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Older stories have a possibility of going live a second time if not, might go viral, did you know that? Yes, they could run viral than what you published today.

There is something undeniable about how much we value our content. We don’t care about those old 2020, 2019, or 2018 stories because they were buried down the orchard of the newly published, we’ll craft ones that are currently behind the paywall.

Given the fact that a story is not finding any good position on Google, we tend to put it aside and try to write another good one. Did you know you could find more interesting ideas from your old content? The yea is good articles could be developed by altering a few things here and there within that story published years ago.

The truth; the older stories may do better so, go and have a close look at each of them. I’m sure you got so many of them. When I go back to scroll down to my first ever work on Medium, it all takes me back to affiliate marketing. No big deal here, because I’m not interested in marketing anymore. But I could still make those pieces look licking good. Dig up, reclaim them by either rewriting or just re-editing them.

On a move to that, ask yourself, “What was my first story about?” “What is it’s

I’m sure there would be no big difference between that story and the article you wrote today, yesterday, or the other day.

The old story is being buried down by all those published after it. And you need to help it get more displays or more shown and read.

Sometimes, the curators don’t select such stories because they know the latest ones are better written than it. It’s true, so, the best thing is to edit or rewrite the story to bring it back to the life it deserves on Medium. What if you picked it up, updated and made it good what does the algorithm do?

It can consider it for distribution to only your followers.

Dig back to find those articles which you think can be rewritten and reedited into something better.

It’s also one way of dusting off crap that might be in those long-time stories. For that…



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