Why I Looked After My MPP Earnings Dashboard every day

Don’t get used to that it’s a bad habit that will likely hold you back.

Jeof Ogire🥇


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Well, be back everybody.

Thank you so much for the turn-up, I had been away for a serious ‘Medium leave' trying to give some space between writing and my life but was doing a lot of reading.

It’s was great deciding that because a room was created for new ideas while the old inexplicable ones were erased.

One week ago, I met various Medium writers outside the platform while I went on vacation to enjoy the social media’s goodness.

LinkedIn had already arranged a venue for me while Twitter and TikTok paraded aside to wait. So, a man could complete all his little tasks and thereafter, move on to Twitter and TikTok lastly.

But going to Twitter afterward swiftly changed my mood.

My account had been a real-time sucker for a long period.

I returned with a bit of agony which is a result of my deliberate action of having had to delete my Twitter account and starting over again.

It wasn’t easy but I had to do it since that was the best I could do. I just started a new account a few days ago and here is my #twitter handle. Those who already connected with me can testify that my account is no more than five days old but I have a good start with it.

Okay, that was the other side of the story. Now, let’s talk about my earnings summary for October

I know you don’t want to hear this heck but I need to air out my opinions if a service is not okay alright? Something probably had me visiting the earnings dashboard every single day and that’s not healthy at all.

If Medium was updating it every hour, I definitely would have been checking in to my dashboard every hour.

It’s normal but you don’t realize the big effect. At least I am happy because I haven’t gone to check that dashboard ever since the month began.

Feeling the urge to write more shouldn’t have been fueled up by my Medium P.P.E — earnings. I won’t…



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