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Why I Left Everything About Football At an Early Age

Different interests matter.

Photo by sally brand on Unsplash

Back in the day, playing football was my hobby. I love it despite respite my little experience at the time.

I either played or watched it live and on screen. That’s was 20 years ago.

I used to be a Manchester United fan. And my chum named me a “Red D*vil” (crazy naive football fan).

That name alone would make you want to quit the ft club if at all you were a fan. Would you be comfortable? Who would want to be referred to as a devil? Much as it sounds crazy, —

Many Man–U fans know that’s their club motto. Check that man’s jersey below, what does it say?🌝

They never bother to know its mere meaning. Oh! would one be conveniently possessing a devilish name? No.

Photo by Fisnik Murtezi on Unsplash

When Ferguson, the club’s coach by then retired, I also withdrew my interest in the team. The team soon started losing matches until now. I think Ferguson left with the Devils huh!

That was the time I learned about the motto;– ‘red devils.’ It marked the end of a football fandom for me.

This also was a genesis of a pure decline in my football talent. I stopped going to play the mere ball. Not even the local ball made of fibers.

If I’d continued to be a fan, I would’ve played more football except, there was no one to tell the future.

A teacher of games and sport completely spoilt my attitude towards football.

He’s the one who depleted and took away every ball kick from me. I started having fierce emotions.

Hatred for my teacher and the game as well followed. That’s the end of it all. I was no longer part of the Man-U fandom.

Today, if I try to watch football, I can’t really enjoy it as other people do. I’m just different.

Dear reader, thank you for passing by to read my short story.

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