What Grandpa Told Me About White Light

Jeof Ogire🥇
4 min readAug 6, 2022

White light is made up of numerous colors. Science states that and it is absolute.

An old man told me all about the rainbow and I grew up believing in all that he said. Pss!!! It was a lie.

First, I asked him why the rainbow shows up and disappears suddenly yet we see the sun all day long.

The moon also comes in the night and stays longer, why doesn't a rainbow?

He told me the story of how God destroyed the world with water and only Noah's family was saved. After the destruction, God said he will never destroy the world with water again.

He said and believed the rainbow is like a god of rain.

The rainbow appears during the rainy season to inform people that rain will soon stop so that people get done with all their garden activities before the drought.

That was a kind of proverb I got from a 97-year-old.

He knew it would be hard for me to understand the truth so, he explained it to me in a simpler manner.

Dozens of people living today believe that the rainbow is a sign to show that God will not destroy the world by water.

The elder also told me that the rainbow stretches itself from one point where there is water to another point, also having water.

If it finds any human being or animal in that water body, it will suck their blood, and therefore, that animal has to die.

Mythical statements, right? Hmmm!

I used to believe this not until I went through a certain science class. Science tells us facts in real life.

Yes, it has a contradictory fact about the rainbow.

As a child, one can hardly understand this scientific truth unless they have attended high school.

It’s all about white light, its reflection, and refraction.

But what is reflection?

Jeof Ogire🥇

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