The [AM] Affiliate Marketing Industry: Expected To Cross The 22 Billion Dollar Mark By Next Year-2022

Google analytics study reports and predictions as addressed to the AM industry.

Jeof Ogire🥇


The affiliate industry is growing rapidly and is approaching its (peak) the climax.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Do you still remember the talk that used to be there a few years ago before — COVID-19 broke out? Back in the day, there was a popular talk among many people that said—– ‘affiliate marketing is dead.” It was a very common saying to even those who never imagined/thought it could earn them something for a living. I ignorantly belonged to this category of people.

People, am still not certain what brought me in to this dead stuff — like I keep on asking myself, is it risen? How wrong was I, plus all the other fellows! There is something I am so passionate about in the internet world but before it’s about the AM industry.

You see, at times there are many things that we would want to do but despite our limitations, we can’t even make time for them. People get buzzy on their personal computers every single day doing different things on the internet. And you may get surprised to know that about three quarters of them are job searching on the internet.

Look! Of course everyone wants a good job to be able to sustain a lifestyle that matches /fits their level.

One of the most illusionary facts about these people is believing that they can get an online job which does not give them much work. This is a very rare luck, only a few companies offer such jobs and are mostly scam sites.

Affiliate Marketing is one industry which when you look in to it with a dense understanding, easily pulls you off your usual business to invest in it. Most people end up here because, the affiliate- marketing industry itself is promising.

The Real Estate industry — Sounds exciting, but you typically need some money to get your first couple of deals moving.

Digital marketing as well falls in the same list and may require you to take lessons on it—that’s more time to be spent studying.



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