Short-form–Planning And Writing Activity

Shot-form took off and it’s gaining some more momentum already.

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If this assumption isn’t true for your case, please, don’t judge it. I’m guessing that you have written a short-form story before. And you know exactly how long it took you to craft it. I love to write 150 words but oftentimes, I go beyond that.

How much time will it cost you to put the 150 together?– roughly less than 15 minutes just as Kristina God suggests in her recent short-form writing tip.

But that time must be planned. Remember, any activity without a plan will likely take you more time.

However, here is how I would split that time (15minutes) into minimal time lapses to help me budget it well.

If you don’t do this, writing a short story will take more than 30 minutes. But you can go beyond 30 if the writing block is really heavy to get rid of. Go slow.

So, first, things, get rid of all the noise around you. Hook up an idea, write.

Use the first five minutes to plan the structure of the story; — its beginning, middle, and end.

Then use five minutes to write the words, plan a good headline for your story in three minutes.

And now, the final and simplest part of it is to edit and publish. You can do this in the remaining two minutes. If you want to write short-fort faster, don’t choose topics that will give you hard time. Find something simpler to convey.


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