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Shall We Still Count On The Publications

If publications close their doors soon

Jeof Ogire🥇
2 min readSep 22, 2021


Speaking about the future of Medium, we aren’t very far from it. It’s just tomorrow. We look at every change that takes on in the platform, it will definitely have something to do with the future. Talk about how it would be, a day after today. As a writer here, it’s been tough though for those authors who didn’t write for publications. Ever since I joined Medium in may last year, it’s always been hard to join publications.

As a beginner, you would want to join big publications to gain traction and maybe make some quick money from its readers. Now we can no longer count on them for that purpose. Publications are being left behind. But we still want to have our stories flawed to find and reach new audiences.

Initially, to cross to a hundred follows wasn’t easy. Now, I see a good number are writing how they easily cross that level in less than two weeks. That’s an indication that there is more support from Medium for those independent writers. I am one of them.

Medium is aiming at supporting independent publishers/writers. And it’s notably foreseen that consistency will matter a lot. The level of productivity seen here will determine your success.

Many publications are bound to close entries soon due to Medium’s income withdrawal on stories. Publication editors can no longer get support to keep the publications running.

It’s time to focus on your profile. Publish more work(self-publish.) If you’re sure of how strong publications you joined are, maybe you may keep submitting but I’m sure people will withdraw from them as well since they’ll expect no income.

Don’t you think working around your profile is a way forward?

“Many writers write because they’ve been there, seen that, did it, and burnt their fingers”

- Bangambiki Habyarimana

You can write even though you’ve not been there, or never did it before. Your fingers can never burn.

Final Tips

Engage your audience

Keep your focus sharp.

Block out all the noise if possible and,

You can stop all the distractions and keep going?


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