Oops! I Think You Opened An Outdated Article, It's Time To Change The Discussion

That article’s now outdated, please, read on.

Jeof Ogire🥇
4 min readApr 15, 2022


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I don’t know if it might still work for some people here. But once something is outdated, the fact is justified.

It’s hard to believe that some articles have an end time. I never thought my story would lose its status so soon.

I wrote an article last year and it had been viral all that long. It is one of the best performing stories on my list. What’s more interesting is that I wrote it roughly.

But still don’t know why the curators chose for distribution yet I had better pieces than that one.

It got me thinking, that sometimes curation is done minus the rules. Was it a kind of support for writers because they were recovering from Covid-19? Yes, I guess so.

My article went viral and made an impact of 16k views, 255 reading hours and to myself, $ 56.01-lifetime earnings.

That article simply explained why I did not write for publications. That was a year ago. And things are not the same right now.

Things have changed and that kind of makes this article out of the age. The excitement I have is that its vitality got readers to leave responses and it seemed to resonate with everyone who reads it. Would you like to check out what you had to say? Click that snippet above, open the story and scroll down to the comments. For the early birds of the time, there are over 70 comments by now, so, I recommend you use a lift to get you down to your response.

I love it that way. But as it is, the topic was not one we could negatively talk about anymore. Things have turned positive with publications today. Write for at least one or two to stay in the loop.

The comments still keep coming but I feel even more nervous when people tell me;-

“You are a liar. Why did you write this yet you write for publications? And you are…



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