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“Super Thanks” is the talk of the day– what exactly is it?

Jeof Ogire🥇
3 min readJul 26, 2021


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New!New! I remember the days I was in school when the information ministry had public notices pinned on the notice board. Most times, the notices began with a slogan and sounded like– New! New! The “New” was just enough to grab attention. I thought the same “New” can be applied here as well. Hey! YouTubers or content creators. Have you heard it yet? They’re talking about it. If you are a content creator and are already part of the YouTube Partnership program, this must come as good news to you.

It’s about a newly launched YouTube feature that allows creators to make more money from membership subscriptions more so, from content purchases. It feels like tasting that new drink from a brand you already know. Just like the YouTube premium service, or Super Chat, so is Super Thanks. This is Youtube’s fourth feature that gives creators another way to monetize content.

Super Thanks is almost like Super chart. What differentiates the two is, super chart works only on live streaming videos while Super Thanks is available on even uploaded videos.

Fans can purchase the Super Thanks at four different points starting from the US $ 2 up to $50 as a way of showing their gratitude for a given Channel.

This is beyond super chat because every viewer has the opportunity to support their favorites at any possible time.

After purchasing the membership, a highlighted comment will appear to allow the creator to respond to the fan’s gift. There is probably a reason for the launch of Super Thanks.

Several competitor’s networks have come forth before YouTube’s video site.

They come with super heavy features which allow creator’s to go viral with short videos.

I’m talking about the internet giant’s subsidiary— Instagram and another, of course, Ticktock.

These two seem to be at the neck of YouTube causing it havoc and worry. It might lose its position and some of its users.

What have Super Thanks got to do with that?



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