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Writers|One Writing Strategy To Use This Month

As a writer what could your plans be for this month?

Jeof Ogire🥇
3 min readOct 1, 2021


Life’s gorgeous when things are moving on very well.

Contrary to that, things aren’t moving smoothly for everyone.

Few of us may now find it easier to write and publish. It means we work hard to see that a thread of achievements. Don’t loosen your efforts. Just because September has ended doesn’t mean we’ve got to relax. It’s an “Old Normal” in the writing career. We write for life. Writing has been here for hundreds of decades before us.

So, since we are the ones in control today, must we let it die?

No, we mustn’t.

Normally, when a new month has just taken off, we tend to relax and spend 2–4 days never publishing anything. A freelance gig can not allow this. One of the reasons why I don’t want to do freelance writing is that there is a lot of pressure imposed on you. You have to work around your boss’s schedule. There is no such thing on Medium. Here you manage yourself but of course, consistency matters. I’m very good at managing time but not in writing. I’m very sure that there are people who have the same problem as me. We can’t write faster and that means we aren’t able to manage time in freelance writing. Sorry! fellow time takers.

But don’t worry. We can also publish on time and be in the same marathon here on Medium.

You do not need to miss out on available writing opportunities. I write almost every day but I get so much surprised when I sit down and count how many stories I published in a month, it’s half my expectation. For instance, last month, I had less than 20 articles. It keeps me wondering whether sometimes I go crazy and forget to publish but I’ve never had something like that. However, I have a plan for October. This, I mentioned and explained it sometime back in one of the stories I wrote in early August this year.

Having my work ahead of the writer’s block.



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