Looking Into The Future Of Medium.

Is there anything you think Medium should adopt or modify for the future?

Jeof Ogire🥇


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Medium’s going to be the most popular platform in the future? Do you believe that? We’ve seen a few popular sites that pay writers in the past. Sites like Quora— the largest of all but not taken for serious writing business. What’s daunting about these sites is they never pay as Medium does. Content isn’t valued at most.

Writers didn’t get paid decent money with these platforms especially Quora because, if you didn’t have enough follower count, there was no magic or shortcut to making your space engaged to get paid.

Instead of having all their effort here, most people ended up establishing just personal websites and blogs so did I. That was awesome for them/ us by then but now there is a big ongoing transition. It’s time to come back and write for the best platforms for none of them is yet popular. This might spark attention and bring in more aspiring writers onboard.

Facebook just improved and started to pay its writers on Bulletin. And Quora also started paying writers through their partnership program. As you’re still trying to check out those, there is also,– Newsbreak and just one more– Vocal Media.

And Vocal Media could ultimately be Medium’s immediate rival. Medium is proving to be the best platform of all even though its population is still small. There are must be a lot of good stuff to see about it in the future. I am drafting a story about the platform and how it is developing features similar to YouTube’s.

  • Do you think it’s going to be the YouTube of writing?!!!!!!🧐

-What would you expect from it next?

-What’s your say on “writing contests?”

-Based on your thought, how would you think Medium should be in five years.

  • If life has to go on, how far will you have moved with your writing?

This is free for discussion and I would love to listen to people’s thoughts here.



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