Look At a Kind Of Madness Liquor Outrages

Jeof Ogire🥇
4 min readMar 16, 2022
Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

You wouldn’t imagine a normal human being mentally okay but with a diarrhetic oral cavity.

Peculiar moments.

Rare incidents like that never remain unspoken about. Look at that experience.

This wasn’t my first time coming across such a person. They speak and their statements are not understandable.

Just about a month ago, a drunkard blew my mind in the street.

He really made sense while speaking to me despite his zero balance zone.

But this time around, this one was more or less a ‘Parrot-fashioned man.

If there was any content mill that consumes words anyhow, without order or meaning, I would hire that guy to be my word count accelerator. Ask me how.

Hm! Simple, pin him to the Google yet

funny speech-to-text keyboard.

He would make a suitable employee. Uhm! This one may not be new. Strange, however.

It would look something like this.

Will that was in last what I said even just having a cup of coffee Candice imagine yourself having coffee that contains so much caffeine very time you’ve done really feel so tired and that is a few yeah I get it so every time I pick about coffee anytime coffee addict but I can’t do anything without coffee it has to be replaced every time every second every minute every hour is very so every time I come around I get a cup of coffee houses to writing it is obvious everytime I can’t lift to have one always right so every time you come around get the table because I have a cockerel delectable is right they can keep you company you know when you have some kind of food then you’re doing some kind of writing when you write the mind needs to be free out of noise from noise and free from any form of interruption so you just get back to normal when you’ve done that writing test every time I start to write that I have to make sure I like it it’s separate place a secret corner that nobody can…

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