How, Where, And Why Should You Create an Online Course

Let’s build some online courses;- Here is a how-to guide for you ready?

Jeof Ogire🥇
7 min readJul 5, 2021


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My first how-to approach to creating an online course was far seen from my older YouTube channel. I’m sorry I lost it to the YouTube termination guidelines. Worst “YouTuber” ever. But, inside it was a video where I shared my experience on how to create an online course from scratch and it’s what I learned five years ago. That was way before I started having my eyeballs on reading blogs. You know, I was persuaded to write about this topic because I want to share and pass on this knowledge to another or some more persons. You could be one of them.

“Online courses” are a better convenient and fastest way to learn what could take a very long time to be studied at school, college, university, or other institution. Looking at these fundamentals, an online course can be taken or pursued from office, home or anywhere, at any time, making them easily accessed by students.

These courses can be completed in a very short time hence saving a student’s time for extra activities — work or leisure for instance.

Online courses are mainly meant to be done and completed online only at the comfort of a student’s schedule.

It’s upon you— the instructors or creators of the course to decide whether or not you should award students after they’ve completed the course.

Many courses are built to award students in the end. Some, however, don’t do that.

If you want to know why– it’s because those that give awards are usually paid courses.

Building an online course serves two or more purposes but from what I know, a good number of creators design online courses for sale while others — few rather, give them away at a zero cost.

Probably, creators give away free courses to get recognized and try to gain traction.

The truth is that making money by selling courses online is as easy as drinking milk.

And now, you must be, asking yourself; — how exactly is an online course designed? You probably haven’t created one before.



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