How I Make An Average of $300 Every Month From Google Maps

Make decent income from Google Maps or Google my Business

Jeof Ogire🥇


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So, you want to pocket 300 bucks? This is such an inspirational idea I have quite used for countable years. I’m sure you will like it as well because this is no clickbait. I learned this in later 2018– two years down the road. As a newbie in the “make-money-online” niche, I spent most of my time particularly– attending online webinars and taking lessons from my favorite YouTube instructors. Yes, I always had a feeling inside me that making money online is the best thing I can ever do for the rest of my life. Most of the things I tried to do weren’t promising just because I didn’t have basic requirements. That feeling eventually came true for the first time when I had my eyes on “ How To Make $100 a Day Online From Google (Never Seen Before)” This is a popular video with 1.6 million views from two years ago. When I first landed on it, it was also my first time watching a video from “Jay Brown” and that experience was enough to earn me huge excitement. In that video, I learned how one could simply make money online using Google Maps. It’s reasonably something that inspires awe and admiration so, I prepared and went on to try it.

Does Google Maps Pay?

If you were interested in making money online but haven’t yet figured the way through, this must be a critically thought question.

You definitely would have asked yourself it. Well, Google pays and rewards users in many different ways.

Apart from Google AdSense, I’m sure there is no other way through which Google pays established content creators.

You can however make money from its other services like Google maps. This is only a creative idea.

Many people don’t know about it though or even if they know, they probably might be doing it for fun.

The idea is Google Maps but there is just one other.

It’s very simple but as I said, it’s all from a creative mind. Jay Brown showed me how to make money by adding businesses to Google Maps to make them visible and reachable online. At first, I wasn’t onto it. I thought I would be regarded as…



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