Do We Need Consistency Or Specification

Our consistency or specification may be genuine requirements in Medium writing?

Jeof Ogire🥇
4 min readOct 28, 2021


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Writing is an art that requires mastery, thinking, and penning on paper, ideas ever thought. And it’s quite contradicting to some writers when it comes to maintaining all the above aspects, especially the mastery part of writing.

Someone once told me before I started the first blog that I needed to find a topic first, then niche it down. I found myself in marketing, broke it down, and ended up in affiliate marketing. Surprisingly, today, I’m on Medium with “writing” but it’s tricky. I still can’t figure out what to break this topic to. But even as I write, I guess topics completely no longer exist here.

They’ve all been changed to tags. We will see and think that this whole thing of niching down doesn’t apply to Medium writing anymore. That means we are free to write about any thought that pops up in our minds.

Now it’s great to write your story and tag it with top Medium tags that you know.

Tags contribute to the popularity of your stories. I love the power that they have– just like keywords do.

That explains why certain people [ghost Medium accounts] want to use the names of top writers. A top writer’s name is a network here. I already see the potential they are targeting. Today, as I was searching for one of the writers that I follow, her name is Sarah Nderi, check! there are many ‘Sarah’ here. Lol.

What surprised me is, there is a top writer who I think no one has ever told me about. She’s called Sarah cooper– she has so much uniqueness in her writing. And her huge figure of followers, my goodness! A glance at it forced me to at least blink and open my eyes wide again to see if it’s true what I saw.

You know what, 147000 is too much for a Medium writer. This didn’t leave me settled in the mind. I asked myself if she was one of the first writers Medium had in 2012? But why hasn’t anyone talked about her in the past two years I have that I’ve spent here. I’ve been seeing the Tim Denning(s), Jesicca wildfire, Barack Obama(s) but Sarah, no.

How would you feel having an article go viral too as far…



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