Dear, Mr. Bully, Will You Let Me Swipe Away That Dirty Irritating Behavior Inside You

Wooo! Let me know quickly. But I got to ask you. Who do you think you are?

Jeof Ogire🥇
5 min readMar 10, 2022


Today, I come to you, Mr. B*lly.

First, I need you to cool down. Please, shut;—

“your oral cavity, and watch out. Or else, I will step on it or give you a hard blow.”

You know I have no home. I got no money to bribe you. I am very poor. And I’ve got no gun.

How dare you intimidate my bravery?

You also know, I can’t hurt you. Today, I will face you in front of the world.

Just hold on a little bit. Look at us chilling without you.

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You simply didn’t think out of the box.

Enough of your bullies men. Listen up…

Everyone, in whichever condition they are in, it’s not by mistake. A poor man may not be because he wanted to be poor. It was a choice set upon him by God. So, why then, the bullies? Me, I need to eat so, I do whatever it takes.

How you live and treat others already reflects your manners. That’s why I say my word. I have little jokes with you because the stomach wants what it deserves. I stroll on my way and never step on one’s feet.

It’s good to see where you’re going so that you’re sure of the journey. Otherwise, you might get into trouble. If you step on my foot, the wind will knock you. Mind your business. Stop comparing yourself to others. They might be very different but you hardly realize it. Look! Soon as I decide to win, I can’t stop. You win, I won’t need fantasy. Why then do you calumniate me? I dare you, let me be.

Let people utter slander about you instead. Don’t be surprised when they start fighting you. To show that you’re ahead of them, let them talk about you in the back.

While they do so, you chill and feel the breezes. If they ain’t talking about…



Jeof Ogire🥇

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