No one knows exactly how films are created however, a majority believe they do. Let's start by asking this question; What is a screenplay? In brief, a screenplay is a blueprint for a film. Screenplays play a crucial role in detailing dialogues, actions, emotions of characters and settings. While films are made of scenes, scenes made of shots and shots made of sequences, it is important to note that the entire process of film making/production or visual storytelling is guided by a script/screenplay.

Meet Jeof Ogire, a script writer crafting compelling stories on screen and paper to create positive impacts on society. He is envisioned to build a 'film empire' that will employ 5,000 people tomorrow. I guess this may feel intriguing right? Well, you don't know him yet because perhaps, that is not all.

What's more? Hearing from himself.

Hooray! My name is Geffrey Ogire. I am Screenwriter, publication editor, and film producer dedicated to weaving well blended narratives that fascinate the hearts and minds of many. I have been writing on Medium since 2020 but it hasn't been easy to be here because a lot of ideas have been running through my mind.

Always wanted to do more than just writing here so at times, my interests were deterred . That created a very difficult ground for my writing where by for a long time, I paid little to no attention focusing on one thing at a time. That explains why I didn't write along a particular niche. My pleasure today is that there is finally something that I will be focusing on for a long time without burning out or even face writer's syndrome.

Screen writing is just one unique way of telling stories. It is two dimensional and the aftermath is really awesome. I can say;- my equation in writing is balanced because I decided to abandon some of the things that kept me busy for nothing. Now is the time to see stories on the big screen.

The best version of yourself is that one which does what it likes and likes what they do. That's the equation. Why not jump-start Writing on Medium today? Click here to see I know that link is still functional much as referral earnings were stopped earlier in 2023.

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Jeof Ogire🥇

Jeof Ogire🥇

Crafting persuasive stories on screen and paper. Screenwriter, publication editor, and film producer riveting hearts and minds, weaving fascinating narratives.