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Did you see that facial expression? Good!

Before you go any further, I would like you to do this one thing, try to analyze if what I’ve written down here relates to my appearance because I don’t really know.

Jeof Ogire, is a very dedicated perfectionist, a filmmaking practitioner, and an inspirational creative writer based in Uganda, the “Pearl Of Africa.” Visit his LinkedIn profile.

I’m no longer single. I am double (wedded) and still ain’t searching.🙌 Lol.

Oh! Don’t get it twisted. I am not a female as some people assume. I just resemble my mother.

I was born at a time when my Father and Mother were two lovely parents.

There was a serious famine in my country at the time so, I became one of the survivors. Five years later, they gave me a first sibling, a sister, and later on a brother.👨‍👧‍👧

The position of “firstborn” makes me stronger and energetic, more creative, and innovative. That being said, at least I’m capable of putting food on the table and a roof over our heads.

I love to hard work because it’s what the scriptures manifest.

I’m a staunch Christian. A believer who takes pride in the life they live so seriously. Some people don’t value life.

They value stuff like money, luxury, food, and many more. That reminds me of a guy I once helped who just had had an accident right in front of me.

When they stepped forward to help, instead of crying about his broken leg, he cried because the motorbike was in terrible shape.

I felt apathetic enough for him because who on earth would value a motorbike more than his/her life? Good enough it was a leg that got injured.


When I was a kid, my parents used to tell me I would be a doctor. At the age of 10–15, I had always dreamt to…



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