A Recent Creator Workshop Series|Don’t Post And Ghost|Explained

Don’t Post and Ghost|Five ways to connect with your readers even when off-Medium. Find it all here.

Jeof Ogire🥇
6 min readAug 15, 2021


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I had almost missed all of it as I did with the previous workshops. And now, I ask — Did you attend this workshop series? I know that many weren’t able to buy time for it. I did and I want to share all of its shared tips here. Are you ready for a ride?

No. Hold on, look! This is going to be a long read because it involves all the necessary important information for you as a writer not only on Medium but also outside of it.

Being one of the persons who attended the workshop, with my little fickle mind, it managed to record and stored something to be shared here even though I had a rough time with my unstable internet connection.

The meeting was held on zoom and Samantha Zabell was the host.

She was so amazing and I enjoyed the whole of it while it ended successfully.

What made me write this story is because nobody has shared it yet it would be beneficial to those who never attended the meeting. Also, I’ve realized that all the workshop links that Medium shared went nonfunctioning after it was held.

When I did a simple search of the Key Words “Don’t Post and Ghost,” what I found out is, — only two stories here on Medium have these Keywords in the headlines meaning there is not such a story about the workshop.

For example, the story “Don’t post and Ghost” was published by Beck Power.

And then, Gary Green also published “A Ghost Story Horror Story: On Walkouts and Film Snobbery.” I liked and enjoy this particular one since I’m a film director. So, you realize that all Medium stories have never used these keywords — “Don’t Post and Ghost” except these two.

When I publish this story, it’ll surely come third with the same keywords. If the keywords had a higher search volume, I would rank for them. But let me take you to the five ways as we’re explained. Let’s get…



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